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Our Mission

The People's Commission to Decriminalize Maryland, was created to reduce the disparate impact of the justice system on youth and adults who have been historically targeted and marginalized by local and state criminal and juvenile laws on the basis of their race, gender, disability or socio-economic status.


Maryland state codes reflect a society that does not use direct or indirect arrest or displacement of any person based on their race, gender, disability, or socio-economic status.​


  • We believe legal tools such as state and local criminal codes should work to serve all members of the community.

  • We are committed to the liberation and self-determination of all people of color--prioritizing Black individuals and families--and we are committed to implementing an intersectional, anti-racist practice throughout our work. 

  • We are unapologetically committed to the leadership of people of color within decriminalization work, primarily those most impacted by unjust arresting policies in Maryland.

  • We believe in the importance of a process that leverages the contributions of people from diverse socioeconomic, professional backgrounds to support this movement.

  • We believe in creating a space that is affirming, healing, transparent, and respectful -- a space that does not replicate the kinds of oppression, harm, and trauma that we are working against. We will strive to have patience and forgiveness for one another as we build together.

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